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Social Work licensure under Chapter 420 of the Laws of 2002.

Welcome to the American Association of Indian Social Worker's Inc.

Sponsor A Child

AAISW is venturing an ambitious and challenging program to sponsor children who are under privileged and under served  in India. Our purpose is to provide the adequate economic assistance to deserving children to pursue education in school and get into the mainstream of life. A lot of children are forced to work at very younger age to support their family and are often forced out of school or they do not have the means to continue their school owing to economic hardships.

What is Sponsorship ?
Sponsoring a child  is a wonderful way to help change the life of a child in need and bring the ray of hope to his/ her entire family. Being a sponsor will give you the opportunity to build a new relationship with a special child who will know you by your name but not address and you correspond to the child through the agency.

How does Sponsorship work ?
When you make a gift, your contributions go to the child for its educational and economic needs.  Unlike many other International  agencies there is absolutely minimal administrative cost and hence your entire contribution goes to the child and hence there is no  splitting of the gift. You will be helping to provide the most basic needs of  your sponsored child. You will be making a real change in the life of a child.

What does child Sponsorship cost ?
For only fifty dollars a year which is less than a dollar a week your sponsored child will have the basic necessities of life and will be able to continue the education through school. You will be expected to sponsor a child for five years for a total cost of two fifty dollars which is small gesture from your part but helps the child make a giant leap.

What do you get a as a Sponsor ?
The most important thing of all ! The wonderful feeling of having helped a child to grow and glow into a fruitful member of the society. You will be immensely satisfied for having shared a fraction of your wealth to support someone in a far distant land. After completing your sponsorship you will immediately receive more information about your sponsored child. We will also mail you the child's photo and more about his or her life including information about your child's psycho social situation and the country/state.We will also provide you ways to communicate with him or her and even you can pay a visit  to the sponsred child next time you visit India !!

AAISW is working in  collaboration of CASP India in this program. Besides CASP  we are also in the process of contacting other similar agencies to extend this program in India.  Make a click here to spread the broad smile on a child.