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Summer In USA



            The Inauguration of the New Executive Committee of the American Association of the Indian Social Workers and the Holiday Party were celebrated with pomp and splendor on January 24th, 2004 at the Charis Christian Center auditorium in Queens. The freezing cold and adverse weather conditions did not dampen the festive spirit of our members and their families in coming together to make it a memorable event.  

            The program started with registration coordinated by Mr. James George- Treasurer AAISW and Ms. Jhancy Anthony. The public meeting commenced about 4.00pm with the welcome speech by Sajan Thomas, Secretary who was also the Master of Ceremonies.  Mary Ann George’s the melodious prayer song was uplifting to everyone in the auditorium.  Sunny Paulose CSW, senior member and the Treasurer of FOKANA introduced the chief Guest George. Koshy the President of FOKANA. Mr. Koshy in his inaugural address stressed the importance and role of Social Workers in today’s changing society. He urged social workers to become agents of social change and get involved in the multiple challenges and complexities of the Indian Community.  

           John Mattam in his Presidential address gave a brief outline of the programs and activities of the Association for the coming year. He also spelled out primary focus of the Executive Committee as the enhancement and professional growth of the members through various educational programs.

           The lighting of the Traditional lamp “Nilavilakku” by Mr. Koshy marked the formal inauguration of the Association, which was followed by Oath taking ceremony by the Committee members. Dr. Paul Njalieth introduced the newly elected executive committee to the audience. Dr. Francis Jacob in his felicitation stressed the need to galvanize the association by making it truly national and not just parochial. Mr. George Thaila gave a ‘Walk down’ of the 10-year history of the association and its phenomenal growth through the years.  

            The second part of the celebration- the entertainment programs presented by our children- conquered the hearts and mind of every one. It was a spectacular show of talents filled with fun and thrill. The colorful and enchanting single dances by Amy Abraham, Veena Cherian and Silpa Francis kept everyone in rapt attention. Stacy and Sheena Machanical, Reshma and Manisha George, Noel and Nikhil James performed their best group dance winning applause from the spectators.  Mary Ann George, Silpa James Rony James along with Xavierkutty Thomas, John Kuruvila and John Kusumalayam entertained everyone with their heart warming solo performance.  Instrumental music Anuraj George (clarinet) Jerry Mathew (violin) Roy Cyriac (African Bongo) etc added further flavor to the cultural events of the night.  

            Sajimon Kadavil , Joint Secretary proposed vote of thanks to everyone. Saji Joseph Vice President took care of the sumptuous dinner, which was enjoyed by everyone. The Asianet TV and other weekly Indian publications provided Media coverage.





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