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            Inauguration and Family Party

The inauguration of the new executive committee for the term 2010-11 and the members’ family party were held in Charis Christian Center Auditorium on  January 30, 2010. Mr. Srikanth Arimanithaya, the Vice-President of Human Resource Department, ‘Computer Associates’ was the chief guest. The program started with a prayer song by Marina followed by the welcome speech by the newly elected president Francis Pallupetta. The chief guest was introduced by Mr. Thomas Njalian. In his key note speech, Mr. Srikanth talked about the essential components of success for career – Passion, Talent and the Organization. He explained the stages of careers as Learning stage, Doing stage, Coaching stage and the Shaping stage (where a person is ultimately transformed to an element with which he/she transforms the organization and increase the output). Mr. Srikanth explained why many of us get stuck at the coaching stage and is unable to move forward.

The Committee was officially inaugurated by lighting the traditional bell metal lamp – Nilavilakku. The members were introduced by Mr. Abraham Thomas. The ex-President and the Ex-Secretary were recognized for their service to the association by awarding them a plaque by the Board Chairman Mr. James Cherian. Scretary – Mr. Sajan Thomas, detailed the upcoming events for the coming year. Mr. George Thaila gave a felicitation during the occasion. The program concluded with the vote of thanks by the Vice-president, Mareena Jose.

The program was fun filled with members and kids various entertainments. Mr. Luke Malika picked the winning ticket for the raffle prize – i-pod touch. There was music, goody bags and food for all at the end of the party.

  Family party photos





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