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AAISW Proudly Presents

Summer In USA



The executive Committee together with the Board of Directors wishes to express its deepest sentiments of gratitude and appreciation for making our just concluded 'Summer in USA' fund- raising program a grand success. By all account it surpassed all our expectations and calculations in the amount we collected and the massive crowd we were able to assemble.

Definitely  it was the result of dedicated team effort and untiring hard work by our Committee & Board as well as the sales man- like members who took upon themselves the strenuous task of reaching out to their friends and families. They spent a good deal of their time and energy for almost two months. As you know fund- raising  campaign is  an unpleasant and unwelcome job but our members  has proved that through cooperation and resolve we can achieve the impossible. We can all be proud of what we were  able to accomplish through this program. The general comment from the public was that no other organization has ever been successful in bringing together so many people under one banner.

We also want to thank our benefactors, sponsors and advertisers who generously supported us in our endeavor. Besides the financial gain we also scored in the public relations front. As a team we were able to bring the message of our Association to the public and let them know our strength and solidarity, as we made inroads into the community. It demonstrates the resolve and good will the people have towards  AAISW.

We are in the process of making a final tally of account and to figure out the exact amount we earned from the program.

Once again on behalf of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors let me thank each and every one of you for helping to put up a spectacular show.

Wishing you all a very Happy and safe summer.

Sincerely ,

John Mattam
President.                                                                                            June,18. 2004.




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