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AAISW Proudly Presents

Summer In USA


FAMILY PICNIC - a day of fun...!!!

This year the AAISW Family Picnic was conducted on July 17th, 2004 at the Glen Island Park, Upstate New York. It was really a day of family- fun in the sun. Many thanks go out to everyone who made the 2004 picnic a phenomenal success. There were approximately 150 people which was an all time record. Folks came with their spouse, children , parents and family members.

Besides the Barbeque everyone brought in an array of delicious dishes which made it sumptuous and enjoyable. That's the joy of sharing . We had a spectacular show of sports and games competition for the children as well as for the adults. The winners were awarded tropies and prizes at the end of the day. Every child was a given a gift for their participation or non participation. We wanted that smiling face on all children.

As you can imagine credit for the success goes to lots of members who pitched in . We would like to thank everyone especially the Executive committee who coordinated the food, entertainment, sports and the clean up. When we all work together bigger things can happen.

We did have our semi annual general body meeting held on the picnic arena. The General body expressed many words of appreciation for the excellent fund raising program we had in June. It was by all account the biggest fund raising program everundertaken by the AAISW. Members also spoke about the eagerness and the zeal of the Executive and Board who had been working so hard in accomplishing programs. A lot of valuable ideas and suggestions were shared about the future programs for upcoming year.

Big thanks to everyone who turned out to make the event a smashing success and a fun time for all. All of us working together can really make a difference and be extra proud of.




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