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AAISW Proudly Presents

Summer In USA

GENERAL BODY ON 12/15/2007
Dear members:
It is my privilege as your Secretary to present AAISW report for the year 2007. I am proud to report that we have accomplished and achieved many strides over the year. Today, our association is well recognized among professional organizations in New York City and particularly in our community. Let me bring your attention to the main events and programs since last year’s General Body meeting which was held on 12/09/2006.


The annual holiday party was celebrated on January 27th at Charis Christian center auditorium in Queens. The program started around 5 p.m with registration coordinated by James George, AAISW treasurer.

The public meeting commenced about 6 p.m with the welcome speech by Saji Joseph, AAISW Vice President. Marianne Thaila offered an opening prayer song which uplifted the spiritual mood of the audience. In his felicitation speech, Sajan Thomas encouraged the members to offer their clinical skills for the benefit of Indian families to face the challenges. Santhosh Thomas introduced the chief guest, Dr.Nisha Plillai, a well known physician among public particularly in the Indian community in New York. Dr. Nisha Plillai in her inaugural speech highlighted our associations activities and charity works. She also stated that social workers have a passion for their profession as they deliver noble services to every class of people.

John Mattam, Association President, offered a presidential remark and highlighted our association’s current plans and projects. This included the continuous effort and ground work done for our national convention, Sponsor a Child program, licensing review class and starting a national helpline service.

The second part of the celebration was filled with lots of entertainment programs performed by our own talented members and our children. Each program was mesmerizing, enchanting and colorful which in turn made the venue more festive.

Sajimon Kadavil, Secretary of AAISW, was the master of ceremony and association board chairman, Shaju George offered a vote of thanks.


This year we celebrated social work month on March 17th at Charis Christian center auditorium with gracious presence of our family. James George, association treasurer offered a welcome speech. The keynote speaker was Abraham Thomas,Associate Director of Out Patient Programs at Woodhull Hospital. Abraham was kind enough to fill the vacuum caused by the abrupt cancellation of the Chief Guest who could not make it from Albany due to the bad weather. Mr.Thomas in his address highlighted the commitment and dedication of the Social workers and the importance of being appreciated and recognized. Shaju George offered an introduction to keynote speaker. James Cherian and Thomas Njalien offered felicitation. Jaise Joseph, Joint Secretary, offered vote of thanks. The event was very successful despite the inclement weather.


As a continuous plan to conduct a national convention for social workers, last years’ general body formed a committee to explore the possibility of a national convention that is more cost effective and less complex . The general body nominated Abraham Thomas, Luke Malika and Saji Joseph for the committee to explore about the cruise trip.The committee later informed that the trip would be bit expensive for a family. However, the national convention plan is still ongoing.


The board meeting held on 05/04/2007 at Santhosh Thomas residence, decided to organize a one day bus trip to Lake George, New York. President John Mattam explored with several bus companies and members were mobilized. However, we had to cancel the plan as we could not muster enough participants for the trip


This year the AAISW family picnic was conducted on July 28th 2007 9.30 a.m to dusk at Bethpage State Park, Long Island, New York. Our family and friends really enjoyed the day.

We had our semi-annual general body meeting at the picnic arena. The general body discussed the possibility of conducting a camping program . General body assigned Stannis Mechanickal to explore the possibilities of organizing the camping program. The General Body also discussed conducting a licensing review class for the benefit of our members and Sajan Thomas promised to get the Resource person from Rockland Psychiatric Center. After the general body meeting, Trophies, awards were presented to winners of the different sports and goody bags presented to all our children.


This was one of our most successful free seminar that our association had to offered to the public. It was a seminar on, Financial Planning on Retirement, Children’s Education and Insurance options. The seminar held on October 27th 6.30.p.m at Charis Christian Center. The class was lead by specialized team from Met-Life Insurance company. The program was well received by the public. Dinner was served after the seminar. About 30 people participated in the seminar.


Our association’s one of the goal is to promote programs which will benefit our members professional advances and success. As a result of new licensing policy, it become hard to practice in New York State without proper license. Our association was able to offer two review classess for our members this year. The class lead by Dr.Nicholas Teodoru, treatment team leader at Rockland Psychiatric Center. The first review class held on 10/13/2007and second review class held on 11/17/2007. The classes were held at Woodhull Hospital Conference room. We had about 20 social workers including nonmembers who took advantage of the unique opportunity.


As I mentioned earlier, Stannis Mechanickal explored the possibilities of conducting a camp this year. However, by the time general body pass the decision, it was too late for this year. Mr. Mechanickal made efforts and inquired at a few places . He informed us that no site was available. Also, most popular sites are closed by Sept.4th. Let us hope that with enough time gap, we can accomplish this program by next year.


It was our ongoing effort to offer a permanent service sector for the public. The idea of starting a 1 800 helpline service, originally brought by Mr. Thaila. Our last general body meeting authorized George Thaila to go ahead with the plan and explore more about this project .Late this year, he informed us that he is working on this project to make it more efficient and cost effective.


The executive committee sent out letters for our election process for the office bearers of 2008 – 2009. We have been informed by the election commissioner, Stannis Mechanickal and Sajan Thomas that they have received nominations in this regard. Our Associations ambitious projects are still going on. Some of our members continue to sponsor and participate in the Sponsor a Child project. I encourage our members to continue to participate in this program . I am proud to highlight that our association was able to do ground work for our dream plan of conducting a national convention and many social workers across the USA has expressed their interest and commitment towards this plan. I hope together in the coming years, we can accomplish this plan. Time and again it is proven that we can achieve and accomplish many goals and projects with each one of your support and commitment.

I take this opportunity to thank each and every member of our association for their support.

Presented by
Sajimon Kadavil
Secretay, AAISW.



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